Pink Metallic Cowhide Rugs Size ~5 X 5 ft

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Stunningly beautiful pink metallic on off-white cowhide rugs.You will receive a similar one from our stock. Size is around 5' x 5' This cowhide is the height of sophistication and funk in modern interior design. Shipping is included in the price to anywhere in the continental United States via UPS Ground.Our cowhides are hand selected at the tannery. Cowhide rugs are made from a high-quality natural material. Occasional irregularities, little scars, fire brands and small patches are due to leather's natural finish and should be regarded as a quality feature while also underlining its natural origin. Also, due to the tanning and metallic foil, sometimes the hides will display a smell which will dissipate after a few days of being open. It is like a new car smell, it goes away after a few weeks.